Eco-responsibility at Le Baluchon

“If we take nature for our guide, we shall never go astray.” Cicero

We believe that our actions, activities and services have an impact on individuals, on surrounding communities and on the regional, national and world economy. Our corporate identity and reputation are closely linked to this concern for the environment.

Le Baluchon strives to remain a leader in the tourism sector by setting a good example in the field of protection of the environment and in trying to raise awareness among its clients, employees, business partners and suppliers of the importance of being proactive in this area.

We want to express our thanks to the SADC (Community Development Assistance Corporation) of Maskinongé for the tools it has provided for sustainable development. Click here to learn more about events/meetings on eco-responsibility.

Eco-responsibility at Le Baluchon

4 Green Key

Le Baluchon has always sought to be a leader and a pioneer in the field of protection of our environment and observance of steps that improve our energy consumption. In 2016, we became a member of the Green Key Program, a progressive evaluation system designed to recognize the hotels, motels and holiday resorts committed to improving both their financial and environmental efficiency.

The Green Key Program evaluates enterprises on several points including energy and water conservation, waste management, and air quality as well as community-led approach. Green Key is the only program in this field in Canada to undertake on-site inspection.

In 2017, Le Baluchon was awarded a grade of 4 Green Keys. As a member, we have the opportunity to avail of numerous recommendations and evaluations on behalf of the program that allow us to fine tune our practices and to initiate new ideas pour to safeguard the environment on our site. It marks the beginning of a wonderful story linking Le Baluchon Eco-tourism resort and the Green Key Program!


Sustainable development initiatives


  • Recycling

Le Baluchon has its own recycling centre. Glassware, metals and cardboard are recycled. Paper is reused in the form of notepads.

  • Wastewater treatment

More than1.2 million dollars have been invested in a wastewater treatment  system to protect the Rivière du Loup. Purifying reeds are used to treat the water. The water returned to the river is of irreproachable quality.

  • Energy saving

Le Baluchon has invested considerable sums in putting in place an integrated and computerized management plan known as « energy manager » in collaboration with Hydro-Québec.  The project currently being developed includes an important energy management system involving the biomass, solar energy and a load shedding plan for times of heavy power consumption in collaboration with Hydro Québec.

  • Reforestation

Since Le Baluchon is situated on land originally used to meet the needs of a sawmill and as the company has applied the principles of sustainable development since its inception, reforestation is one of the basic activities demonstrating our respect of the environment.

Le Baluchon takes great care to replant noble species and fruit-bearing species which one day will be available for human consumption. A pilot project of reimplantation of noble broad-leaved trees(multi-purpose trails project) has been highlighted in collaboration with L’Université Laval. This project enabled the planting of 5000 trees.

Other initiatives

  • In 2024, a plan of reforestation with 1000 trees on the site of Le Baluchon’s grounds has been put in place in collaboration with the Syndicat des producteurs de bois de la Mauricie.(Mauricie Wood Producers Union)
  • Over the years, our catering team has undertaken several initiatives including the replacement of the burners which were used to keep food warm for serving breakfasts, brunchs and banquets. By choosing induction warmers, we no longer throw out 5000 warmers every year. Single-use objects such as straws and toothpicks will no longer be available.
  • No motorised activity takes place on our site.
  • Replacement of wood stoves by gas-burning fireplaces in our rooms.
  • Retention of cooking oils and forwarding them for transformation into biodiesel.
  • Retention of cooking fats and forwarding them to recognized treatment site.
  • Utilization at the SPA of the Quebec range of cosmetics Aquafolia as well as of the organic massage oil BioOrigin Experience.
  • Energy Star small electrical appliances : they are replaced as and when necessary and include the small refrigerators in our rooms.
  • 100% smoke free establishment since 2005.
  • Organic cleaning products (phosphate free) with dosers.
  • Paper towels (with customized dispenser), Éco-logo toilet paper and tissues.
  • Napkins made from recycled paper.
  • Recycled paper for printing of communication tools.
  • Confirmation of stay sent by e-mail.
  • Recycling in our rooms and in public areas with separate trash cans and bins.
  • Printed reminders to raise clients’ awareness of  «responsible washing» of towels and sheets.
  • Use of compostable plates and dishes at the Eco-café Au bout du monde for takeaway orders and the terrace menu.
  • Payments to suppliers are made by direct deposit to reduce use of paper.
  • Installation of a new, more efficient, ventilation system in our bathrooms;
  • Installation of an LED lighting system yielding  energy savings and enhanced lighting;
  • Modification of the heating system affording increased efficiency and improved well-being for our guests;
  • Improved floor soundproofing;
  • Ongoing installation  (at the time of replacement) of toilets using less water in order to reduce use of clean water;
  • Planting of vines
  • Solar wall installed in the laundry room. Energy recovery to power the dryers and control the temperature in the building.
  • Development of a cuisine that is responsible, healthy and homemade, with no preservatives and using  products that are of premium quality and locally sourced and being proactive with respect to recycling.
  • Guest satisfaction questionnaires  and all communications are digitized.
  • Withdrawal of Sunday brunch to avoid food wastage.
  • In the context of renovations, gifting of furniture and accessories to organisations helping immigrants in our region.
  • Reuse of construction materials.

Our "slow design" approach

« Being from St-Paulin and trained as a biologist, I strive to highlight and to allow our visitors to appreciate all the richness of the environment, of the land, of our heritage and of the history of our beloved community. In this way, the tenets of « slow design » dovetail perfectly with our company’s philosophy of  sustainable development. »

– Louis Lessard, owner and managing director

Le Baluchon Cachet
Inspired by Slow design

The approach to the conception and fabrication of the furniture, accessories and buildings at Le Baluchon are referred to as «Cachet Le Baluchon». This unique approach is thoroughly permeated by the precepts of «slow design», a philosophy intimately linked to sustainable development and which seeks to :

  • Minimize the ecological footprint ;
  • Promote concepts that allows us to dream, that inspire us and that encourage both meditation and action ;
  • Create unique or limited-edition items whilst at the same time encouraging  recuperation and recycling ;
  • Promote concepts infused with the history of our community , yet in a timeless fashion(i.e. both inherited and contemporary) ;
  • Respect human time, as opposed to the idea of rushing associated with industrialisation ;
  • Give preference to the use of traditional savoir-faire ;
  • Use the materials available in the local area (wood, metals, minerals, glass, stone, etc.).